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CBS Systems helps in providing a complete web solution for small and medium enterprises to improve profitability, efficiency and growth.


We have a lot of features to execute and optimize your website to work smarter with the help of our team. Some of them are,

  • eCommerce Platform: ASP.NET, CSS, HTML… Your site speaks through our language.
  • SEO: To attain well in website ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results Pages).
  • SEM: A paid advertisement to acquire traffic for a website.
  • Hosting: Provides a fast, reliable and high secure hosting for the company site.


Solution Support

Our Solution Service provides innovative and responsive design, sales and marketing expert ideas. Some of the factors for you are:

  • eCommerce design & implementation
  • ERP Integration
  • CRM integration and sync
  • Marketing Automation: Digital, SEO, SEM, etc.
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Third-party integration with nopcommerce such as ERP, CRM, BitCoin payments
  • Usability improvement
  • Maintenance and Technical support
  • Nop upgrades and installations assistance
Hosting Support

Our Hosting Service is a reliable and highly secure nopcommerce platform (ASP.NET MVC Core) which provides:

  • Technical Support for installation and migration
  • 24/7 server support
  • Bandwidth for company’s server and facilities
  • Regular Backups
  • Fast Page Loading Speed
  • Reliable and Secure
  • 99,9% uptime
  • Reasonable and Flexible Pricing.
Technology Support

Our Technology Support bring you the secured online payments, proper shipping, backups, etc. Set of Services includes:

  • Payment Modules
  • Shipping and Delivery Services
  • Marketing & Promotions Services
  • Automated Tax S/W
  • Security Services
  • ERP Software Services
  • Analytics and Report Services
  • Data Upload and Download Management
  • Nopcommerce Customization & Plugins Development

We will do complete web business solutions.

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